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How to Have Peace in Life

Peace, Peace – – Can I just get some? That is the cry of many mothers as the kids are quarreling with one another or the teenager has run away from home again.

The world would say, “you can only have peace by escaping the circumstance.” The world would give you the answer to get your kids to stop quarreling or the teenager to stop running away. The peace would only be present as long as the circumstances of your life were in line.

Jesus says in John 14, “my peace I give to you”. Peace is not earned but given. He further concluded it was NOT the same peace the world gives. It was not the escapism the world recommends. It was not the “take me away” moment. It was not the “fix your circumstance and all will be well” solution.

Tranquility that comes from God is lasting, no matter the circumstances of your life. It endures no matter the hardships you face. The circumstances that are beyond your ability to alter have no bearing on the wholeness that God provides through Christ Jesus.

How can you experience this fullness of life that Jesus promises to provide? Where does it come from? When can it be experienced by you?

John 14:27 informs us this peace comes as a direct result of Jesus giving it to us. There is nothing you can do to earn or deserve it. You have this peace because of God’s benefit to you. It is because of who God is that He gives it.

Jesus even declares, this peace is all together better than anything this world gives you. There is help in the world to get peace. There are programs and man-made solutions that offer some help and stability. However, the quietness of soul that Jesus gives it so beyond this world better than the calm offered by the world.

After being given this peace, Jesus says we must keep it. We must hold on to it. We must not let it go. We must value it and treasure it. He commands us “do not let your hearts be troubled”. The word “troubled” means to be set in motion or put to inner confusion.

You’ve seen the baby that has hit their head. It wasn’t a bad bump, but it did hurt. It did make them feel bad and make them hurt a little. The hit made them unwell. You’ve seen the baby stop and set in motion to cry. You’ve seen their face go all sour, then comes the holding of the breath, and then the loud cry. They set in motion to lose their peace because of their circumstance. Something hurt them, and they let their calm be disquieted because they allowed themselves to lose their peace.

We as adults are like that too. We set ourselves in motion to lose our calm. We allow ourselves to be troubled. We give ourselves permission to lose our peace. The shaking to and fro begins as we contemplate the circumstance and all the possibilities that could happen. As we allow confusion to enter our minds by asking all the “why me” questions. We set ourselves in motion to lose our peace, let it go, and think we have the right to because life hurts.

The Psalmist David helps us see this picture of peace clearly. In Psalm 42:5, David asks himself why he has allowed himself to lose his peace. Why was he disquieted. Where was his peace? David realized he had let his heart be troubled. What David did was to reframe his why question. Instead of “why these circumstances?” David asked himself “why did he let himself be troubled?” Next, David decided to get his peace back. He wanted his quiet back, his calm to be restored. To make that happen in his life, he made a decision to praise God for His presence. It was the presence of God, the peace of God that brought Him wholeness.

As you begin 2023, your circumstances may be very difficult. Your children may be out of control, your health may be in disarray, and your job may be on the line. I want to bring you encouragement today from Jesus Himself. He wants to give you His peace. He doesn’t want you to be troubled, disquieted, anxious or discomforted. Instead, He wants you to experience wholeness, fullness, and complete calm in Him.

Take His Peace Today. It is freely given. Whosoever wants may come and take of His flow of peace that is full and free. Get to know all Jesus wants you to experience by a daily habit of Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. It is only there you will experience all God has for you in 2023 which is peace that surpasses all you could ever imagine.

If I can help you in any way to experience this peace and fullness Christ Jesus offers, please contact me at or via direct message. I’d love to help you get to know the One who freely gives you lasting peace and not the escapism the world provides.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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