God has used no Revive Our Hearts resource to transform hearts and marriages like He has the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge. If you’re up for the challenge of speaking positively to and about your husband each day, get ready for God to work deeply in your marriage—but even more so in your own heart.

Jesus clearly stated the highest, most important task of those who would follow Him was to do, take action, in two specific categories: Love the Lord God and Love your neighbor. In this 14-Day Love Challenge, we want to help you hone-in on these two great commandments. A study of the book of 1 John will assist us in this endeavor.

What would happen if you read your Bible every day? Would anything change? Take the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge and find out. Join us in setting aside some time each day to open God’s powerful Word.
This Challenge is sponsored by Revive Our Hearts Ministries. Sign up or get the PDF HERE.

Does your heart need to be revived? Do your relationships need to be resuscitated? Do you long to see God’s people restored to a right relationship with Him? Our unchanging God has been changing hearts for millennia. This challenge is an invitation to seek the Lord and trust Him to keep His promises.
Get the Seeking Him Prayer Challenge PDF Here.