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Life and Peace Ministries is committed to helping busy Christian women who feel weak, unstable, and disoriented to be strong, secure, and confident. We do this through articles, courses, and books which offer truth-filled teaching that removes ruins, abolishes arguments, incorporates instructions, and nurtures newness. Anne Gurley, Founder, has spent 25 years exploring, learning, and sharing God’s Word. She helps women prosper in their thought life which gives power to work strong, ability to stand secure, and smooth paths to walk confidently.


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A Unique Approach

Life and Peace Ministries trains women through truth-filled teaching, removing thoughts that ruin, abolishing opposing arguments, implementing God’s instruction, and nurturing the new and living way.

When you commit to hearing, doing, and cherishing the Biblical content presented and promoted by Life and Peace Ministries you will be . . . .


  • Able to get the right things done.
  • Powerful and effective in all areas of family and personal life.
  • Energetic to endure all the battles of life.


  • Supported to stay standing in adversity.
  • Founded on values that enable you to persevere.
  • Rising above the traps because of inside knowledge.


  • Walking the path of peace with clear vision.
  • Convinced of God’s direction for success.
  • Courageous to follow God’s course of deliverance.

I thank the Lord for Life and Peace Ministries.  It has been amazing and surprising how I now respond to situations that come into my life. I do not seem to be as anxious or overwhelmed because of the peace that only God can give.  Understanding how to rest in that peace is a gift from God.   Thank you, Life and Peace Ministries, for all the support, resources, and direction that has given me this opportunity to find peace as I never knew it.

~ Gail S.
Knightdale, NC

I encourage anyone who is looking for a deeper experience and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, to grow in Christian maturity, to find words of encouragement when the going gets tough, to find help on tough questions on a multitude of daily struggles to check out Life and Peace Ministries. There are so many encouraging resources all in one place on this site to help you! You can learn the way you’re comfortable with . . . posts, blogs, videos, devotionals, books, websites, or Bible studies. Life and Peace Ministries has something for everyone! I have not even scratched the surface of all the things here I want to checkout myself!

~ Connie T.
Pikeville, NC

Life and Peace Ministries is an amazing website with lots of encouraging resources all in one convenient place! Some of my favorite resources provided are the “Transformational Truths”. They’re short articles written by Anne Gurley the founder of Life and Peace Ministries. They are on all different topics but always rooted in biblical truths.

~ Stephanie W.
Pikeville, NC


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