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Is your spiritual life dull, stale, or damaged?  With so many opportunities to distract you, it is not surprising you feel this way.  The 8-Day Spiritual Life Makeover will provide you the thoughts and strategies you need to be fresh, restored, and healthy.  If you are ready to give your Spiritual Life the health and vitality it needs, get the FREE 8-Day Spiritual Life Makeover today.

Life and Peace Ministries is committed to helping busy Christian women who feel weak, unstable, and disoriented to be strong, secure, and confident. We do this through articles, courses, and books which offer truth-filled teaching that removes ruins, abolishes arguments, incorporates instructions, and nurtures newness. Anne Gurley, Founder, has spent 25 years exploring, learning, and sharing God’s Word. She helps women prosper in their thought life which gives power to work strong, ability to stand secure, and smooth paths to walk confidently. If you would like to receive a steady stream of resources that will enable you to live strong, secure, and confident,
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