Transformational Truths

O Come LET US Adore Him

On the night Jesus was born, Shepherds were keeping sheep. The Angels sang out the good news of Jesus’ birth and the Shepherds immediately “went”. They were part of the “LET US”.

Shepherds were generally considered the outcast, unaccepted, and possibly uneducated of the world. In the good pleasure of God, He chose them to hear the good news. Their Savior had been born. They heard, they went, and they worshipped. Then they returned to their field glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen. (Luke 2:20)

A year or so later; Joseph, Mary, and the baby were found by wise men. The wise men declared, we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. (Matthew 2:2) They got their invitation from the Word of God that they had studied and in which they had been educated. They rejoiced with exceeding great joy at the sight of the star. (Matthew 2:10) After entering the house and finding Mary with the young child, they fell down and worshipped him. Then after presenting gifts they returned to their country. (Matthew 2:11-12)

These two groups of people are recorded in the Word of God as people chosen to worship the Savior. These bands of men are part of “LET US”. Their educational status, social status, economic status, and all other statuses about them were seemingly as far apart as possible. Yet they had three things in common. They —-

  • Heard the Word of God.
  • Searched until they found the Christ.
  • Praised God in Worship.

Their differences didn’t matter. What mattered was they were part of the “LET US” people God CHOSE to hear, to search, and to worship.

It doesn’t matter today what your “status” in this world is. You are part of the “LET US”. O come LET US worship. You are invited. You are welcome. You are chosen. The only thing necessary is to —-

  • Hear the Word of God.
  • Search for the Savior.
  • Praise God in Worship.

Jesus himself said in John 6:37 – “The one who comes to Me I will  by no means cast out.”

If God accepted the spectrum of people from Shepherds to Wise Men, He will accept you.

O Come LET US Adore Him.

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Transformational Truths

How To Know You Trust God


Knowing you need God because you have conflicts is the first step to know you trust God.

The conflicts are real, the battles you encounter are brutal, and the enemies that come after you like a lion that is greedy of his prey are undeniable. These troublesome times were not in your plan. You need God.

Knowing God hears you when you pray is the second step to know you trust God.

In the midst of the conflict, you focus on God, not on the enemy. You speak directly to God asking for help, looking up to God to bow down His ear to hear your call, and KNOWING HE HEARS YOU!

Knowing God protects you and hides you under His wing is the third step to know you trust God.

You surely need protection from your enemies. You can know you trust God when you look to Him to protect you. When you believe He keeps you as the apple of the eye and hides you under His wings.

Knowing God fights your enemies for you with HIS WORD is the fourth step to know you trust God.

Enemies want to destroy you, but God’s word cuts down the enemies. Use God’s Word effectively. Read it, memorize it, and apply it. Know you trust God by using His Word as a sword against your enemies.

Knowing God satisfies you with His presence is the fifth step to know you trust God.

You receive strength to soar above the battles of life and the enemies that threaten. You are fulfilled with the presence of God and look only for the face of God in the midst of your conflicts.

Show Your marvelous lovingkindness by Your right hand,
O You who save those who trust in You
from those who rise up against them.
Psalm 18:7

Read and meditate on Psalm 17 for further confidence in God’s deliverance from the enemy.