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How To Know God Is With You

Dozens of times we read in the Bible that God said He would never leave or forsake “you” – the one to whom He was speaking.


Psalm 9:10 says ” Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

To know that God is with you, you must ask yourself, “Do I seek the LORD?”

To seek something means to go after it. You desire what you are seeking. You diligently run after it to obtain it. The care with which you want God, look for Him, and follow after Him determines how much knowledge you have God is with you.

When you were young and played hide and seek with your friends, you would do some things to “seek” the person who was “hiding”. You would look and listen. You’d span the hiding area with your eyes. Then you’d listen for any stirrings, voices, or breathing that may lead you in the direction of the hiding friend.

Knowing God is with you and seeking Him are very similar. You span your field of view for evidence of God’s presence. You listen for His movement, voice, or wind of influence.

Jesus told the people who believed on Him, “If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed.” John 8:31 Another word for disciple is follower.

Jesus was telling them that as long as they kept listening to Him, they would be following Him. That is how they could know God was with them. We keep following. We keep looking and listening.

So maybe the real question is, “Am I with God?” If I’m with God, then God will be with me. God is the same and has not moved. If we don’t sense God is near, it may be that we have moved.

The more we go after God, the more God will be with us. The more we seek God, the more He will be found by us.


Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” The first step in seeking the Lord go after Him with all our heart. All our will. All our “wanter”. Let Him and His will be all we need, look for, and desire.

To practice seeking the Lord take these two steps daily:

Read God’s Word – If you do not have a regular habit of reading the Bible, start one today. Set aside a time and location daily where you will Look and Listen for God. You will span the pages of His Word and listen for what He has said to others and says to you today.

Pray Always – Prayer can be known as calling on the Name of the Lord. The name of someone represents their reputation. As you read the Bible, you will be more knowledgeable of the reputation of God. Then you can begin calling on God regularly for Him to bring His reputation and ways in your life and circumstances.

These don’t seem like a lot when it comes to knowing God is with you. One step in seeking for your friend in hide and seek didn’t seem like a lot, but you knew as you took one step, then another, eventually you would come upon the one you sought after. Therefore, the more often you take these individual steps of reading the Bible and praying, the more readily you will come upon the One you seek after. The One who you want to be with you. The One who wants to be with you.

Written By: Anne Gurley

Transformational Truths

Why Are You Not Hearing God

They did not listen to Moses on account of despondency and cruel bondage.” Exodus 6:9

Moses was a spokesperson for God in the Old Testament. The Children of Israel did not listen to Moses because of their struggle and suffering. They were stressed out.

Just a few days before, “the people believed: . . . they heard that the Lord had visited . . . and that he had looked upon their affliction, then they bowed their heads and worshipped.” Exodus 4:31

How could a few days have changed their worship to deafness?

BACKSTORY: The Children of Israel had cried to the Lord because of their hard labor. They were in distress. They needed help. God answered their prayers by calling Moses to deliver them. They heard that deliverance was just about to happen. They bowed and worshipped the Lord because He had answered their prayers. Then they stopped listening.

Why did they “not listen”? Their anguish of spirit (despondency), and cruel bondage had deafened their ears. They no longer heard the voice of God’s deliverance through Moses. They were too busy trying to “make it” and “stay alive”.

The Pharaoh had taken away their straw, kept their quota of output the same, and instituted severe beatings when they “couldn’t keep up”. Instead of this making them listen more to the one who could deliver them, it made them “not listen” at all.

Are you having trouble hearing the Lord? Does the voice of God seem very distant to you? Are you stressed out? Are you struggling in your attempt to “make it” and “stay alive”? Do the circumstances of your life take all your energy and cause a spirit of despondency within you? Does your stress close your ears to God?

Your inability to listen does not prevent God’s willingness to deliver nor His plan of deliverance. The very next verse says, “And the Lord spoke . . .” moving forward with His plan of deliverance for the people.

Why are you not hearing God? It could be because you are stressed out. It could be because you are trying to “make it” and “stay alive”. You may have heard God’s plan of deliverance and His plan for victory in your life. You may have bowed your head and worshipped, agreeing with God for His help. Now you find yourself deaf to God. Unable to listen.

God had shown the way of escape but because of the struggle and servitude, the people no longer had interest in deliverance. They were just trying to survive this moment. Are you there?

I want to encourage you, friend, if you find yourself in this situation, Hear The Word Of The LORD. He is still speaking. He hasn’t thrown in the towel on His plan of deliverance in your life. Your stress and hardships are difficult and distracting, but don’t let them deafen you.

He is still speaking. His plan of deliverance for you is still on His Agenda. Don’t let the stress and struggle of your life cause you to be deaf and despondent to the best rescue plan.

The solution to deafness is hearing. The solution to distraction is focus. The reason you are not hearing God is probably because you are distracted like the Children of Israel. They got deaf when they got distracted.

Here are some practical ways to avoid deafness caused by distraction and to hear the Word of the Lord:

  • Read the Bible (Hear God) at a time when you are least subject to interruption. Silence the cell phone, block the emails from popping up in your view, and put a “do not disturb” sign up.
  • If “to do” things come to your mind during this time, have a notepad handy. Write the item down to handle when you finish “hearing God”.
  • Set a regular time and space to “hear God” as often as possible. Have it prepared with Bible and other necessary study aids like a pen, journal, and “reading plan“.

You do not have to live in deafness.

You can live Hearing God and His plan of deliverance.

Written By: Anne Gurley