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If you were to make the most important thing apparent to your children or those in your life to whom you have influence, what would it be?  What would you consider to be the “principal thing”?  Would wisdom be at the top of your list?

Solomon, the man known for his wisdom, can help us learn to manifest the principal thing.  We remember the account of Solomon asking God for wisdom.  The story is recorded in Chapter 1 of 2 Chronicles.  Solomon has addressed all the leaders of Israel.  He led them to the place of worship and offered sacrifices unto the Lord.  During the night, the Lord God came to Solomon and said, “Ask what I shall give you.”  God offered for Solomon to ask whatever he wanted from God.  Of all the things Solomon could have asked, he chose to ask God for wisdom.  God was pleased with the request, granted it, and lavished many other valuable assets upon him.

So how was it Solomon knew asking for wisdom above everything else would be the principal thing to request? 

Proverbs 4 provides us autobiographical insight into the source of Solomon’s request of God.  Solomon begins the chapter by instructing his sons and those who would come after him to hear and pay attention because he’s going to teach them something good.  He’s got an excellent and healthy way of thinking for them.  His instruction begins with a memory.  He remembers his own father teaching him.

Solomon’s father was David, who was king over Israel and known as “a man after God’s own heart”.   While Solomon was young and in a position to be trained and shaped, David shared something Solomon was required to “get”.  Solomon needed one thing – a principal thing – the most important thing.  The counsel of Solomon’s father, David, was for Solomon to get wisdom.   Proverbs 4:7 – Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom. Solomon heard David expound on the benefits of wisdom.  David told Solomon wisdom would preserve him, keep him, promote him, and honor him – to name a few benefits recorded in Proverbs 4.

We understand the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The honor and reverence of the Lord gets us on the path to wisdom.  David, the man after God’s own heart, had himself an honor and reverence of the Lord.  He manifested that passion to his son.  The manifestation allowed Solomon to ask for the most important thing, the principal thing.  Wisdom was on his mind and at the top of his list.  Solomon knew the principal thing because his father had made it apparent to him.

So how about you, what have you made apparent to those who are within your sphere of influence who are “tender” and able to be shaped?  Consider sharing with those individuals the “principal thing”.  Consider sharing with them the benefits of wisdom.  Consider sharing with them the blessings of wisdom.  Consider sharing with them the path of honor and reverence of God.

You may say, “I’m not sure how to do that.”  God tells us in James 1:6 that if anyone lacks wisdom, we can ask of God and God will give us wisdom and not find fault.

Consider today asking God for wisdom – more reverence and honor for Him.  Consider today making apparent to others within your sphere of influence the thing they need above all other things.  Consider manifesting the importance of the “principal thing”.  Consider making wisdom of apparent importance.

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