July Junction


A junction is a place of joining.  It can be described as a point where two separate things become one or come together.  Many junctions occur in our lives.  They vary in significance from registering for a trivial membership in a club to merging our life with another as a life-long marriage commitment.

In this “take it” or “leave it” temporal society of various junction opportunities, we need to exercise prudence known as practical wisdom.  We need to make sure we are involved in the most Prudent Junction.  We do not want to find ourselves joined as a citizen to this world or the ways of this world.  James warns us friendship with the world is making ourselves an enemy of God.  The Parable of the Prodigal Son reminds us it doesn’t require much effort to find ourselves in the pen of pigs.

What is The Prudent JunctionJohn 15 provides The Prudent Junction.  This is the joining we want to be sure we attain to.  This practically wise place of joining has characteristics we can ponder.  We are told by Jesus in his portion of scripture that He is the Vine and we are the branches.  We must abide or be joined to Him and He will join Himself to us.

We see in this passage, The Prudent Junction was pre-arranged by God.  Jesus clearly stated in John 15 He chose us to be joined to Him.  We didn’t choose first.  We merged or joined with God because He first loved us and gave Himself to die so that a sinful created being could be involved in The Prudent Junction.

Second, the purpose of our coming together with Christ is so we can bear much fruit.  The evidence of our involvement in The Prudent Junction is in the fruit produced in our lives.  Truly if we are joined to the creator of life, giver of life, plentiful fruit will be a significant characteristic of our existence.  It is because of who we are joined to in The Prudent Junction which produces the fruit.   Jesus rightly says “without me you can do nothing”.

Finally, The Prudent Junction will protect us from the wages of sin. John 15 warns us those branches that do not keep prudently joined to the vine will not produce fruit.  Those branches that don’t produce fruit will be cut off, gathered, and burned.  It is when we stay connected, we are protected.  The Prudent Junction keeps us protected from being separated from the Life-Giver.

Let us hear direction from God’s word.  May God’s Grace teach us to stay in The Prudent Junction.  May His Word abide in us.  May His commandments be our moment by moment desire to keep.

Indeed if we keep The Prudent Junction we show forth God’s complete pre-arrangement to make us one with him, bring forth fruit that shows our junction, and we are fully protected. 

The Prudent Junction is the most significant and practically wise place we can be.