July Declaration

Declaration of Dependence

The Declaration of Independence is celebrated each July in America.  It was on July 4, 1776 the statement was adopted which set forth the United States of America would be independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain.  We remember this great decision, document, and all it has come to mean to us 241 years later.  We are thankful to be part of a free country and have such great heritage.

As Christians, however, we must declare dependence!  Our Declaration of Dependence is not upon a body of people, a document, or on the soil on which we step.  We declare dependence upon The Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapter 3 of the book of Philippians conveys this thought pattern with detailed clarity.  Our personal Declaration of Dependence begins with delight.  We give great pleasure to ourselves when we depend upon Christ Jesus.  It is not us independent of Christ.  Nor is it us and Christ.  But it is us declaring dependence on Jesus Christ alone.

Declaring our dependence continues as we rest in Christ’s achievements, Christ’s accomplishments, and Christ’s acceptance before God the Father.  We depend completely on Him for a right standing before God.

The Declaration of Dependence to which we speak is a proclamation to progressively become so joined to Christ it is undiscernible where we end and He begins.  Then, we would have opportunity to suffer with Him, display His life-giving power, and be transformed to His likeness. 

Let us drive ourselves toward this Declaration of Dependence.  Continually drive ourselves to pursue and seek Jesus Christ.  The outcome of our dependence will not be fully realized until we come into the Heavenly home prepared for those who declare their dependence on the sinless sacrifice of a life laid down on their behalf.

Declare your dependence today and every day on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Delight in Him.  Depend on Him.  Drive yourself to know Him and be changed to be like Him.   May we continually be as excited about our Declaration of Dependence upon Jesus Christ as we are in celebrating the Declaration of Independence each year in July.

Additional Thoughts

America needs not a Declaration of Independence — we have that — we need a Declaration of Dependence upon God and upon Christ in this crisis hour in which we live. ~Dr. J. Vernon McGee

“One with God is a majority.”   –Martin Luther

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. ~Psalm 33:12

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