February Faith


The opposite of faith is unbelief.  The little book of Jude in the New Testament provides 25 verses to warn us against unbelief and guide us into Faithful Focus.  There is danger when we don’t focus on faith.  We as “beloved” (of God) escape danger when we concentrate on faith.

Many opportunities are available today to all of us and we can be distracted by “good things” that use up our time to focus on faith.  Jude reminds his hearers to remember how God judged the unbelief of the children of Israel, cast down angels who were rebellious against His authority, and destroyed cities who went after all that felt good.  Because these people, creatures, and established cities did not focus on faith (keeping under God’s authority and doing His pleasure over their own), they were destroyed.

Jude even warns of people in his day who were very involved in church and church activities who “drifted away” from focused faith and into the way of unbelief.  These people made a big show and could be perceived as being faithful but God says they were selfish, not interested in honoring God or His Word, going with the flow of culture and society, producing no evidence of the indwelling Spirit of God, restless, and unfocused.

Jude reminds of the warning the apostles of Jesus had given.  Laughing, entertainment, and feeling good were characteristics of those who do not focus on faith.  The people of unbelief do not have the Spirit of God.  These unbelievers were present in the day of Jude and they are present today.

After Jude explains the warnings against unbelief, he provides the guidance for Faithful Focus.

  • Build yourself up in the most holy faith. (Focus on your Foundation – Christ Jesus.)
  • Pray in the Holy Spirit. (Make acknowledgments and requests of God with knowledge and understanding of His Word.)
  • Keep yourselves in the love of God. (Stay close to God.  Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.)
  • Look for the mercy of Jesus to give you eternal life.  (Watch for Jesus to come back.)
  • Have mercy on people who doubt and those who do not believe.  (Defend the Gospel.  Share your God.  Hate sin.)

Jude lastly reminds us in the admonition to have Faithful Focus we are not alone in our effort.  It is Jesus Christ, our Savior, who is able to keep us focused on faith.  He is indeed the only wise God.  He has all power, glory, majesty now and forever.  Beloved of God, get and stay in Faithful Focus by His provision and power!

Additional Thoughts

“Unbelief results in an empty and useless life.”  ~Anne W. Gurley

We put God to the test when we ask for our desires rather than His desires.  ~Psalm 78

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