Personally Yours ~ Anne Gurley

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In 2008, after our second child (Elizabeth) was born, God called my heart to Himself. The call came through a difficult struggle with spousal tension (Jamie), Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis for our first-born (Austin 2006), discontentment at public work, and personal mental health concerns.

In the decade plus that has followed, God has shown me many truths and principles that have transformed me. I believe these timeless truths would be of help to other women who have experienced and are experiencing similar troubles.

Follower of God through Christ Jesus, Wife, Mother, Employee, Relative, Church Leader, Friend, Neighbor, Writer, and Speaker

As long as we live, we will have tension in relationships, diagnosis of abnormality, and personal insufficiencies. Though the struggles are real every day, the difference now versus many years ago is that I have life and peace by being spiritually minded.

The mind that is set on spiritual truth gives life and peace. May you be supported in all the difficulties of your existence by a mind inclined toward spiritual truth. May you have life and peace now and forever.

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