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The Christian’s Response to Pressure, Pain, and Problems

Are there hardships in your life that continually beat you down and stick in you leaving you hurting and in a state of weakness?

What most of us want to do in this situation is remove the source of the problem that is causing the pain. We think that if we can get rid of the cause, our life will be fixed. Then, we’ll be strong. The great Apostle Paul prayed in this line of thinking when he had prayed three times for the Lord to make the cause of his pressure, pain, and problems to go away. (2 Corinthians 12:7)

God knew better than Paul. Instead of answering Paul’s prayer the way Paul had asked, God did something better. God spoke into Paul’s life with a better solution. A more helpful alternative. God told Paul that His grace was sufficient for him. God went on to explain the reason is because “power is perfected in weakness”.

This explanation changed Paul’s whole perspective on his pressure, pain, and problems. Instead of wanting them out of his life, Paul leaned into them. Instead of wanting the source of the issues removed, Paul fully embraced them.

Paul was able to see more clearly that the more he needed God, the more blessed he was. He would have a greater degree of God’s ability to perform present in his life when he wasn’t able to show up and do it for himself.

It was important for Paul not to take self-improvement classes to get rid of his problems, pains, and pressures. He accepted them and took the prescribed medication to deal with them. The healing balm God dealt to Paul was “My grace”.

Grace is known as the free extension of God toward man in the person of Christ Jesus; the likeness of God to man; the favor of God; the kindness of God.

Paul determined he’d rather have the kindness of God present in his life than have the problems, pains, and pressures removed. Paul determined the ability of God to perform in him what he was incapable of doing was more valuable than being rid of the problems, pain, and pressure.

Are you asking God to remove the cause of your pain, pressure, and problems? Hear what this passage teaches. Instead of continuing to ask God to remove the pressure, pain, and problems; lean into His kindness toward you. Choose instead to focus on the ability of God to perform in you what you’re unable to do. Embrace the continual abiding presence of God in you which strengthens you even when you are experiencing pressure, pain, and problems.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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