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Help Your Kids Aim High with This One Decision

What do you think about the If, Then Principle? If you run over a nail, then you’ll get a flat tire. If you exercise regularly, then you’ll be healthy. Usually the if, then principle provides an expected outcome based on the input provided.

Children understand the if, then principle. If you eat your vegetables, then you’ll get a treat. If you take your nap, then we’ll go to the park when you wake up. If you study and do your homework, then you’ll get good grades in school.

The Bible provides an if, then principle that is important to learn and to teach our kids. This “if” should be their biggest decision in life and the “then” that follows should be the highest aim in life.

It is found in Colossians 3:1 – “If you have been raised up with Christ, (then) keep seeking the things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.”

The biggest decision you and your kids can ever make is to “be raised with Christ” and the highest aim you and your kids can ever go for is to “keep seeking the things above”.

To be raised with Christ means, through faith, you believe God acted upon Jesus to raise Him from the dead. You are assured that just as God raised Jesus from death, He will raise you also. You have no visible facts to support this argument other than God’s Word, The Bible, and historical facts that support Jesus’ bodily resurrection.

Once you have the “IF” part of the principle in order, “THEN” you and your child can aim for the highest things ever. The “IF” principle consists of knowing you have been raised with Christ. To be raised with Christ means you join with the one who is authorized to give you a new and blessed life devoted to God. You turn away from all the other attempts to get anything more valuable than Christ out of life and restrict your “if” to Christ’s input of a new and blessed life by faith in God’s working.

Once you are confident you have a new and blessed life devoted to God to the same extent Jesus Christ was devoted to God, THEN that is when you and your child can truly aim high. That is when the things above where Christ is come into view and that is what you seek.

Help your kids enforce the “then” principle in their life. Teach yourself and your kids to aim for the highest things ever, being established in the same dwelling where Christ Jesus lives.

Read Psalm 110 with your kids and discuss all the things Christ is doing or waiting to do in heaven, where He is seated. This describes the high things you and your kids should be aiming to keep in view because of the most important “if” decision of life. . . “Be raised with Christ”!

Written By: Anne Gurley

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