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3 Ways to Make Bible Study Profitable

Do you ever finish your daily Bible reading and feel unchanged by what you’ve read?  It hasn’t been too long ago the Bible seemed to be alive to you.  It made sense and helped you make decisions for your life.  Now, you struggle to understand what it is saying.  You have a hard time staying awake to read.  Sitting down to read seems more like an unpleasant chore rather than a time to cherish so you read a verse or two on the go hoping it’ll spark the old flame of desire you once possessed.

The way you are feeling is no different than people have experienced through the centuries.  Hebrews 4 gives us examples and warnings about unprofitable Bible study.  It is something that should concern us.  However, there is a remedy.  There are 3 ways to make Bible study more profitable.

Decide To Fear God

You can make your Bible study more profitable by deciding to fear.  We hear a lot of talk today about faith over fear these days.  Let us not discourage healthy fear.  It is a healthy fear of thieves that causes us to lock our doors at night.  It is fear of physical danger by strangers that causes us to have mace spray while walking in a parking lot at night.  When you decide to fear it is a decision to not distrust what would keep you safe and protected. You can decide to fear and trust God and follow through with that action.

Do Not Harden Yourself

As you read the Bible, listen for the voice of God.  Listen for what God is declaring, commanding, warning, judging, etc.  Consider if there is any way you are resisting a thought, word, or action God declares is right.  Any time you see something that is not lining up with God or what He says is right based on His Word, rid yourself of it.  Lean in, cling to, and cleave to His Word when you read daily.

Be an Example for Others

Let your example of obedience to God and conformity to God’s ways be evidence to others.  God’s Word is living and active.  It penetrates to the core of your intentions and helps you understand how things really are according to God’s standards.  The Word of God has the power to direct your steps and order your behavior to conform to God’s standard for living.  This obedience will be evident to others and help them steer clear of disobedience as they see your example of obedience.

The next time you sit down to read the Bible, read it for all it is worth.  Make a decision to honor God and His Word by trusting God is speaking to you through His Word.  Next, choose not to resist what God says is right for you to do.  Third, allow others to see your good works so that they themselves will honor and glorify God.

Your Bible reading no longer has to be dull and unmotivating.  Allow the Word of God to be active, sharp, and prod you on to heart-felt change toward godliness.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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