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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be Assured You Are in Good-Standing with God

We desire to have a good-standing in our relationships with people and businesses. Do we ever stop and evaluate our standing before God? These are some questions you could ask yourself and search the Bible regarding to make sure you have done all to stand right before God.

  • Have I been justified (made to stand right before God) by faith?
    • Faith is a “thing”. It is a noun in its use.
    • Faith is confidence – being persuaded.
    • Faith is God’s divine persuasion.
    • Faith is induced by God causing conclusion based on His reasoning.

  • Do I have peace with God?
    • Peace is a “thing”. It is a disposition of mind.
    • Peace is to join or tie together.
    • Peace is God’s gift of wholeness.
    • Peace is God giving His rest and prosperity.

  • Do I stand in grace?
    • Grace is a “thing”. It is a position.
    • Grace is a gift or blessing.
    • Grace is the kindness of God.
    • Grace is God freely extending Himself always leaning toward people.

  • Do I hold my head high in hope & in trouble?
    • Hold your head high (exult) is a verb. It is something you do.
    • Holding your head high from a vantage point that helps you deal successfully with all matters and continue to stand.
    • Holding your head high is living with God-given confidence.
    • Holding your head high is always a state of promoting God’s excellence.

  • Do I have the love of God?
    • Love is a “noun”. It is the person of the Holy Spirit.
    • Love is a preference for what God prefers.
    • Love is the affection of God and an affection for God.
    • Love is a nature that is not like the word but “like the Lord”.

We are encouraged to regularly examine ourselves and be sure we are in this most one-of-a-kind faith. If we say we “stand” we should take heed lest we “fall”. Taking “heed” means to be aware, watchful, and responsive to take any action that is needed to continue to stand.

When we examine ourselves regularly making sure we have faith, peace, grace, and love. Then also doing the action of holding our head high in God-given confidence, that is when we are assured we are in good-standing with God.

Scriptures for further study and meditation:
-Romans 5:1-5
-1 Corinthians 10:12
-2 Corinthians 13:5

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