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Three Things That Could Be Stealing Your Joy

Do want to experience joy in your life, yet find it fleeting?

As a believer you hear that one of the types of evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life is joy.

Three things that could be stealing your joy are as follows:

  1. You haven’t heard the Word of God.
  2. Your exposure to the Word of God brought about initial joy, but then life happened and you found yourself lacking joy.
  3. You received the Word of God and have it, but you find piercing, hard things in your life taking precedence over the Word of God.

Which of these reasons could be the explanation for your lack of joy?

Do you find yourself distracted by the busy-ness of life and do not take the time to read the Bible? Do you read the Bible and see how the promises of God are so good but fail to see them in your own life? Possibly you read the Bible, understand what it says, but have difficulty making use of the promises in the circumstances of life you are experiences.

If you want true and lasting joy, the only place to obtain it is from the Lord. The more you read, hear, understand, and apply the truth of God, the more your joy will remain. John 15 promises perfect joy comes as we allow the Word of God to remain in us. We must take it in, see it clearly, comprehend it fully, and do it completely. Then, we will have lasting, permanent joy.

Try it today. Then again tomorrow. Followed by the third day. Every day that you live, absorb the Word of God so that you read it, see what it is saying, understand what it is telling you, and put it into practice. Surely, if you do this, you will never be without joy. Your joy will no longer be stolen.

Scriptures to review:

Joshua 1:8-9
John 15
Matthew 13:1-23
John 17:17

Written By: Anne Gurley

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