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Who Does God Commission?

Have you read the account of Mark when Jesus appeared for the last time before ascending back to Heaven? (Mark 16:9-20) Did you see the white teeth of anger Jesus showed? He severely rebuked the eleven (disciples) who were sharing a meal together?

After Jesus had been risen, He appeared to Mary Magdalene and a couple of others. They told the eleven disciples about seeing the risen Christ. The problem was the eleven “REFUSED to believe” the messages others had told them about Jesus rising from the dead. They possessed no confidence to believe the message of the others who had clearly seen Jesus.

When Jesus showed up at their meal, he “upbraided” them. The word is “oneidizó“. In the Greek it means he reviled them, took away their favor, insulted them, viewed them as guilty, cast in teeth (bit into them). Jesus was angry with them because they did not believe the words that were spoken about Him. He told them they lacked trust and were unyielding to the truth. Jesus declared their lack of trust and their thinking that would not be moved by the evidence was clear, convincing proof they did not believe.

Once Jesus had so strongly chastised them and told them the error of their way and the reason they were guilty, He did not leave them. Instead, He commissioned them. He gave them a mission to accomplish and opportunity to believe. He gave them something they could do. Their unbelief which made Jesus angry and them guilty; did not condemn them. Instead, Jesus used the circumstance to give them the following mission opportunity.

  • Go (you personally) into all the world.
  • Proclaim the good news of great joy for all the people to all the people.

Jesus added the basic premise for and leave the results to God. He declared the verdict that would be passed upon those who believe and those who do not believe. The individuals who believe the message, hold tightly to the message, and receive it with affection will receive a verdict of everlasting life. The individuals who hear the message and do not hold tightly to it, trusting it’s accuracy, will receive the verdict of condemnation.

Before Jesus departed into Heaven, He left them with some indicators to look for in those who believe. These signs are not literal but supernatural (beyond the natural). The reputation, authority, power of Jesus would throw out every work of the enemy, enable a new inner language of the heart to affect speech, any deadly poison the enemy attempts to push down their throat will not harm them, those who are without ease in sickness will be made whole when believers operate in the manner and customs of Jesus established.

The question was, “Who Does God Commission?” God commissions even those who “refuse” to believe. He puts those who fail to hold confidence and have evidence of hardness in their thinking, to carry His message. God commissions you to take the message of great joy to everyone in every country and every nation. Your job is to preach the message of great joy to yourself as well and to everyone you encounter.

God’s “verdict” for everyone is clear. His “mission” is clear. He has all authority to enforce the determinations He establishes.

Today, if you hear His Voice do not harden your heart; instead believe and yield — then share the message so others can believe and yield. It is not God’s will any perish but all come to everlasting life. Life is only given to those who believe and are totally submitted to the whole story of God.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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