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How to Run Close to God

Do you feel distant from God? Does God feel far away, out of sight, and out of reach? How long has it been since you felt close to God and told Him all your heart?

Throughout history, God has at times seemed distant from his people. If you feel distant and desire more closeness to God, there is instruction in James 4:8 which says “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.

You are invited and promised to come close to God and promised He will come close to you. I envision slow moving picture of long-lost loved ones running to embrace one another. As quickly as you run to embrace God, He will be running to embrace you.

There are 6 things you could practice to run toward God. These are things you could do to draw near to God.

  1. Worship – Tell God all the ways you value Him – all the worth He has in your life.
  2. Praise – Express all the ways you approve of God – all the attributes He has that you adore.
  3. Pray – Talk to God openly from the heart expressing your complete dependence upon Him.
  4. Ask Counsel – Request God to direct your steps, show you where to walk, and come along side to make sure you take the right path.
  5. Enjoy Communion – Set yourself in a place of closeness and intimacy with God – sitting at His feet for all He would teach you.
  6. Invite God – Make a place for God in all the business of your life. Talk about God, listen to God, and do all God instructs. Make God your secret pal throughout the day.

When you make active effort to draw near to God in worship, praise, prayer, asking counsel, enjoying communion, and inviting God; He will approach you willingly and be near to you.

Don’t feel one more moment distant from God. Draw near to God and He will run toward you. Take one new item a day for a week. Begin drawing near to God and soon you will feel His closeness to you.

Monday – Worship
Tuesday – Worship + Praise
Wednesday – Worship + Praise + Pray
Thursday – Worship + Praise + Pray + Ask Counsel
Friday – Worship + Praise + Pray + Ask Counsel + Enjoy Communion
Saturday – Worship + Praise + Pray + Ask Counsel + Enjoy Communion + Invite God

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