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How To Be Supernaturally Infused With Strength

Are you actively seeking to be strengthened by God? Is there a direct imparting of God’s strength to you?

Ephesians 6:10 tells us the following thing to do: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

The word “strong” is a verb which means it is an action to take, an activity to perform, something to be done. There are three prepositional phrases that explain how we are to do this action.

  • In the Lord
  • In the strength
  • Of his might

The source of the strength is the Lord. An excellent example for us to see this lived out comes from 1 Samuel 30. David found himself homeless, wifeless, childless, prayed-out, with no more tears, distressed, and hated. Depressed and weak would be good descriptors of David’s feelings and circumstance. He had nothing (not – a – thing). Instead of David wallowing in his pity and having a “woe is me” mindset; he chose “to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might”.

David declared he would strengthen himself in the Lord. This means David “pumped himself up”. The infusion of strength came to David as he pumped himself up “in the Lord”. There was no false sense of pride in David. A thought process of “I will pick myself up from here” never entered his mind. Instead, He chose to “pump himself up” with the reality of who God was. He securely clung to the fact of who God was, is, and always will be. David confidently declared truths about God, even though David was feeling in the depth of despair. Because of David’s becoming stronger in the Lord, he gained strength to pray. The answer came and victory was the result.

Have you ever found yourself depressed and weak? Maybe you have cried out all your tears, prayed all the prayers you know how to pray, and still you’re feeling down. The answer is a supernatural infusion of strength. The question is “how do you get it?”

These are some suggestions of actions to take that may be helpful:

  • Increase your view of God. Get a bigger image of God.
  • Think deeply about God’s great plan.
  • Admit without God you can do nothing (not – a – thing).
  • Accept His Spirit’s control in your life and movement.

When you take action to see God more definitely, think about all He has done and will do, admit you can’t be strong alone, and receive the Spirit of God to direct your life and movements; you will be strong in the Lord . . . pumped up and infused with strength.

These are some suggestions of things to avoid that could hinder being infused with strength:

  • Focused attention on the outcome instead of the God who controls the outcome.
  • Being in relationship with others who choose not to rely on God or His power.
  • Discontent attitude about how your circumstance contradict what you think it should be.

Complete a careful and regular examination to check for strength by asking the following questions:

  • Am I absolutely assured (strong) God will continually supply my ability to stand strong?
  • Do I believe (trust) God is reliable to provide everything I need?
  • Am I joined (fully connected) in agreement with the plan, purpose, and pleasure of God?

God never promised we wouldn’t be weak or depressed. But He has promised when we take action to be firm and confident in Him, He will infuse us with His power and might.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

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