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Have you ever had to apologize because you were wrong about something? Is there anything we can do to not be mistaken? Is it inevitable that we’ll always be wrong, or is there hope that we can be right?

Jesus told some people who were asking Him a question they were wrong. All they did was ask a question. Jesus said, your question shows you don’t know two things. If they had known the two things Jesus was going to point out, they wouldn’t have been wrong in the question they asked.

Would it be helpful to know the two things Jesus told them they must know? If we know them, would we never be wrong?

This was the response of Jesus to their question – “Jesus answered, ‘You are mistaken because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. . .'” (Matthew 22:29) Then he went on to explain these two things as they related to the question the group had asked.

Jesus declared the two things necessary to stay out of error was “Know the Scriptures” and “Know the Power of God”.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 declares the Word of God (Scripture) is profitable and leads to “every good work”. It is in the personal, hands-on, knowledge of the Word of God that we are ready for right, good, profitable work. Knowledge of the Scriptures keeps us from making mistakes.

Hosea 4:6 says it is God’s own people who “perish” for lack of knowledge. They fail to know the Scriptures and because of that they are wrong and contrary to life, instead they are led to death. The payment for sin (lack of proper knowledge and application of God’s Word) is death.

The second thing Jesus said would have prevented these people from being wrong is a proper knowledge of the Power of God. The word used for Power in the passage is “dunamis“. Jesus said to the group they should have known in personal experience the “Power through God’s ability” to give proper understanding. If they had proper understanding of God’s ability, they would not have been mistaken.

What is our “take-away” from this declaration of Jesus to a group of people who “only asked a question”? Our take-away is we should strive to “know the scriptures” and “know the power of God”. When we have a proper experience with the Word of God and the Ability of God, then we will not be mistaken.

Today, increase your knowledge of the Scriptures by taking time to read, study, meditate, and put into practice what is taught. In addition, look to the ability of God to bring the transformation in your thinking necessary to know God has ALL-POWER in all circumstances and situations.

Written by: Anne Gurley

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