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Perfect & Ready for Every Good Deed

How would it feel to be successful at everything you set out to accomplish? If you knew you would meet the deadline, have a complete project, and each task you wanted to get done would be finished; how would that affect you?

The problem we have with tasks and getting things finished is because we lack instruction, miss motivation, have too much to do, or are without the know-how to complete the work. We are deficient in the experience of doing the work, have never done it before, and/or have no one to guide us.

2 Timothy discusses this issue. It tells us the Scriptures (Bible) is God’s Word. It was spoken out by God. It was a declaration of God’s way of doing things. The promise of God’s word is that it is profitable for 4 basic things. When we have these 4 things, we have perfection and readiness for every good deed.

Teaching – Lifestyle application of God’s Word; Doctrine; Core Belief/understanding.

Reproof – Disapproval of thoughts, attitudes, or actions God declares as inappropriate. A gentle or strong displeasure of God for certain thoughts, attitudes, or actions.

Correction – Restoration to a proper place; setting straight and in order again.

Training – Instruction that fully develops. Exercise of activities, thoughts, or attitudes that are accurate.

As we read and study the Bible with these 4 aspects at the forefront of our mind; we will be ready and perfect for every good deed. As we listen to proper teaching from God’s Word and allow it to shape our life habits, core beliefs, and understanding; we begin the process of completing every good and perfect work.

Next, we hear the lies we are believing that God says are wrong or has displeasure in. We hear them to discard them. We listen to reproof not to argue our way is better. We listen to reproof to acknowledge “OH NO! I’VE BEEN WRONG! THERE IS A BETTER WAY.”

Third, we make corrective changes. When I learned to drive, my granddaddy said “driving is just making little corrections.” As we read God’s Word, we see “little corrections” that are needed to restore us to a correct place. Just like in driving, it is the little move of the steering wheel that keeps us in the proper place on the road; it is the little corrections in word, thought, and attitude that keeps us correct on God’s path.

Finally, training is the ongoing instruction, the continuing in the same mode of learning that brings about the complete equipping for every good accomplishment.

Today, if you find the things you put your hand to haven’t been quite perfect, adequate, or working well; try reading God’s Word asking these questions about each passage:

What does this passage teach me? What have I been thinking/doing/feeling wrong about this? What do I need to do (thought, word, action) to be correct as God declares in His Word? What ways can I exercise this teaching and correction in my life?

If you don’t have a regular habit of Bible Reading/Study; begin today. Start with 1 minute and increase as you are able. The only way you will be perfect and ready for every good work is by your utilization of God’s Word to equip you.

Written By Anne Gurley

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