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Consider This Before You Tell Your God Story

Tell your story! That was the instruction of God to the Children of Israel. It is your instruction today. Paul, in the New Testament, declared people would ask about the hope they see in you. Therefore, you should be prepared to tell your God story to anyone who asks.

Is there a right way to tell your story and a wrong way? Is there a better way and a less useful way to share? When I want to go to sleep at night, I say “tell me a story with lots of details” to my husband. Those stories always put me right to sleep. If you want your story to be heard, you may want to consider the most beneficial way to communicate. There are many guides available to help you with the steps in writing your God story. Some resources are provided below.

Deuteronomy 26 gives some points to consider before you tell your God story.

  • You must know your enemies have been defeated. You have received “rest” from your enemies. The children of Israel continued to have warfare after this particular text. But they had proved to be victorious in the battles they had gone through. In your life, you will not be completely free of all warfare, but you can be confident you are victorious through Christ Jesus who loved you and gave himself for you.
  • The Lord must have caused His name to rest on you. You possess the reputation of the Lord. There is evidence of God in your life. You have the seal of the Holy Spirit and received the spirit of adoption being convinced you are a child of God because He’s caused His seed to dwell in you. In short, you have God’s character and way of doing things in your inner person.
  • In your story, explain you didn’t ask to be born into a life that was full of burdens, turmoil, and trouble. (The person to whom you’re speaking will identify with this. They didn’t ask to be born into trouble either.) Know it was the rebellion of the first man who ever lived that has caused you and everyone who has ever lived to exist in a period of trouble and toil. You have the same nature of the man who separated the whole human race from God. But God (despite of who you are) provided you a Savior who rescued you from the burdens and troubles you found yourself. You heard God was the cure for all your soul’s diseases, so you cried out to God. You agreed with God for Jesus to take away the burden of everything in your life that kills you, steals from you, and destroys you. You know Jesus’ death on the cross bought your deliverance. Jesus saved you and gave you the same life He had when God raised Jesus from the dead after He gave His perfect life in death for your imperfections. Your deliverance from all evil, by the death of Jesus, enabled you to take hold of Life in Christ Jesus and the hope of eternal life. You let God hold all your death and He let you hold all His life. Thus, the hope you possess is the spirit of life in Christ Jesus which set you free from sin and death and will forever keep you free from death.
  • Expound on the importance and priority you give to Christ Jesus in your life. Expose the joy you have in Christ for saving you from everything in your life that kills, steals, and destroys. Make the hope of Christ Jesus available to anyone who will hear and receive.
  • Confess your agreement with God in all things. Convey to the listener just as you obeyed the instruction of God to be saved by Jesus Christ, you conform to God’s way of thinking in everything. You have eternal life because it is He who has rescued you from everything that kills, steals, and destroys. Therefore, you listen to Him intently so that you will continue to follow Him to eternal life.

Until you have Christ as your special treasure and know that you are His special treasure, it will be difficult to clearly display the hope you have. It will be even more difficult to give an answer to others who see your hope and want to know how to get it.

God has given every individual an opportunity to be His set apart people, His own possession. When you know you have been set apart, His own, others will see and want to know how they can be God’s own too. Then, you can effectively tell them how to be God’s treasured possession and how to treasure God above everything else.

Questions to Ponder

  • How is Christ Jesus my hope? Do I possess Him and display Him to others?
  • What did I possess that was killing me, stealing from me, and destroying me?
  • When did God save me? What were the circumstances?
  • Why did God make me His special treasure? Was it anything I had done or because of His love?
  • Who does God want me to be and to display to the world?

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Written By Anne Gurley

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