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The Basis of Our Thankfulness

Some people have a hard time giving thanks because their life is difficult. How can a person truly be thankful for suffering, crisis, pain, and death? In this world we have so many troubles and for which of them should we be thankful?

The Bible tells us often to be thankful, enter God’s presence with thankfulness, and give thanks in all things for this is God’s will for us who are in Christ Jesus.

The foundation of our thankfulness is not our circumstance, our situation, or the outcome we hope to get on earth. Our thankfulness is because of our approval to come into God’s presence because of Jesus Christ.

If Jesus had not come in the flesh, lived a life approved by God, and died a death that we deserved; God would not have accepted us. We would have never been able to come into God’s presence without the blood of Christ, the sinless Lamb of God that took away our sin against a holy, set-apart God.

The basis of our thankfulness is not because of what we have on earth, but our expectation of living in God’s presence forever.

Hebrews 10 explains it was God’s will that we be set apart to be in God’s presence because of the blood of Jesus shed on our behalf to take away our sin.

1 Thessalonians 5 explains we should give thanks all the time because God accomplished our opportunity to be in His presence through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Colossians 3 exhorts us to be thankful for the peace of Christ that has dominion in our hearts.

As we consider thankfulness, let us not focus on circumstances, situations, or environment. Instead let us focus on the work Jesus Christ, our Savior, accomplished on our behalf. He took away our sin and prepared a way for us to come into God’s presence and remain connected to Him forever. Let us indeed be thankful for Jesus, the unchanging basis for our thankfulness.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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