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Three Characteristics of Those Waiting for God – Do you have them?

It is a fact – Jesus is coming back. The Word of God clearly states He will come again, every eye will see Him, and every knee will bow before Him. What kind of person should we be while we wait for Jesus to come back?

2 Peter 3:14 provides three characteristics believers are admonished to be “Diligent” to do (or be). The word diligent means zealous, eager, or acting fervently. Diligent is an action word. Therefore, those who are watching for Jesus to come back and want to be pleasing to Him when He comes actively pursue these three characteristics.

1. Be found by Him in peace

When Jesus comes back to earth, you are living in agreement with His teachings and commandments in the Bible. You are joined to Him, walking yoked to Christ, and obedient to Him in all things He has spoken.

2. Be found by Him spotless

Being found by Jesus when He returns with the blood of Christ having cleansed you from all sin and lawlessness. This spotlessness did not come because you never had any sin or lawlessness. It came because you agreed with God about your sin and lawlessness, accepting the death of Jesus to be the payment for all the rules of God you have ever trespassed or failed to perform.

3. Be found by Him blameless

The return of Jesus would find you innocent, upright, and pure before Him. You would be seen as not having any fault before a holy, all-knowing God. This is only possible by your allowing Christ Jesus to have taken all your blame upon Himself and dying on your behalf.

As you actively pursue the character of being in peace, spotless, and blameless when Christ comes back also be patient. Do not lose heart. Know Christ is coming back after a while because He is waiting for as many who will to be diligent to pursue these characteristics.

Additionally, keep in mind that people will come and try to lead you astray from these characteristics. Do not follow them. They distort what the Bible says, they are undisciplined, and want to make you fall from your stability in Christ.

To continue to remain stable in Christ — In Peace, Blameless, and Spotless when He returns Peter concludes you must continue to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ. It is only when you know the Scripture you will not be carried away to destruction and every evil path.

Do not be deceived, God is not fooled. He knows those who are living in peace, spotless, and blameless. Ensure He finds you in this way when He returns. The only way you can be sure He will find you this way is to be actively knowing His great favor for you and your knowledge of His great salvation.

Read, study, and meditate on all of God’s Word regularly to ensure you will have these three characteristics when Jesus Christ comes back to earth again.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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