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Have you ever wondered what the big advantage of fearing God is? You may have heard that everyone should fear God. It may be in your knowing the fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom. Other than being wise, is there any other advantage to fearing God?

There are at least five positive outcomes for those who fear the Lord. These are concisely stated in Psalm 25:12-14

  • Instruction
  • Prosperity
  • Inheritance
  • Council
  • Agreement

When a person chooses to fear the Lord, honoring God in their thoughts, words, and actions; there are massive benefits.

First of all, God will provide them instruction to walk on the right path, to do the right things, and to think the right thoughts.

Second, prosperity is the end result for the one who chooses to respect God and His ways.

Third, the generations who come after a person who fears the Lord by establishing God as his object of affection, will have something of value left to them.

Fourth, the Lord will be the individual’s counselor providing direct support and guidance all through life.

Finally, a person will have the benefit of walking in agreement, side-by-side, with God when they choose to give God the first place in their life.

What is required to have the benefits of the instruction, prosperity, inheritance, counsel, and agreement with God? It is simply to fear the Lord.

To fear the Lord means to honor and respect God. It means to put God first and primary in your life. Every decision of your life is made from God’s point of view, seeing the circumstances as God sees them.

Truly there is no better path for life than the fear of the Lord. In the fear of the Lord one has instruction, prosperity, inheritance, counsel, and agreement. There are enormous benefits for those who choose to fear the Lord.

Are you partaking of these benefits today?

Written by: Anne Gurley

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