Transformational Truths

Advice From Senior Saints on Prayer

(Adapted from A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D. A. Carson)

Make a Plan to Pray

  • Self-consciously set aside time for prayer.
  • It is better to pray often with brevity than rarely but at length.
  • Actually pray . . .not talk about praying.

Practice Mental-Drift Intervention

  • Pray out loud or move your mouth even with low or no audible words.
  • Pray scripture . . . the actual scripture or interchange prayer and Bible reading.
  • Pace as you pray.

Develop a Pray-Partnership

  • Pray with a spouse.
  • Pray with a co-worker.
  • Pray with a neighbor or friend.

Choose a Framework for Prayers

  • Use the Lord’s prayer as an outline for your praying.
  • Pray from your inner circle of influence out to less influential people in your life.
  • Study other people’s prayers – your role models/mentors, written prayers, prayers of godly people who left footprints for others.

Systematize Your Prayers

  • Create “lists” you pray through.
  • Use prepared lists like missionary prayer guides.
  • Use a prayer journal with daily prayer prompts.

Sprinkle Praise, Confession, and Intercession

  • Picture God as a prayer-hearing God.
  • Agonize and pray in authority of Jesus.
  • Pray until you come to delight in God’s Presence.

Quotes on Prayer for your Encouragement:

Effective prayer is the fruit of a relationship with God, not a technique for acquiring blessings.

~D. A. Carson

Good praying is more easily caught than taught.

~D. A. Carson

Praying is not like carpentry or cookery; it is the active exercise of a personal relationship, a kind of friendship, with the living God and his Son Jesus Christ, and the way it goes is more under divine control than under ours.

D. A. Carson

Compiled By: Anne Gurley

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