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Practice These 6 Things To Stand Secure

Have you ever stood for a long time in a line? If the surface is flat, it is a little easier to stand than if the surface is moving like on a boat or slanted like for an amusement park ride.

One famous scripture is in Psalm 46 which says “Be still, and know that I am God;” In this passage the writer is describing horrific scenes of tumult and trouble. There are raging storms, disputes, problems, and many difficulties. The answer to the difficulties is not to work harder, or to do more. Instead, the answer is found in being still and experiencing God.

Are you experiencing any difficulties today? Are you finding it difficult to stand securely in the environment you live? Do you think, if the storms didn’t rage quite so hard, it would be easier to stand still? You may resolve, I would be able to experience God better if my storms of life were not so loud.

How can you “be still and know” God today? Philippians provides some guidance to help you stand still. Paul begins chapter 4 with the words, “Therefore . . .in this way stand firm in the Lord.” This is the New Testament help for following through on the ageless instruction to “be still and know”.

Chapter 4 of Philippians begins with the word “Therefore”. This requires us to look back at Chapter 3 to determine what is required for us to “stand firm”.

Here’s a concise version of the instructions which tell how to “stand firm” or “be still and know”.

  • Rejoice – Continually have in your mind the favor of God for you. He has already demonstrated His great love for you in that while you were without life, He gave life to you by dying in your place.
  • Watch – Put no confidence in your ability to stand. Be on the lookout for false pursuits or things that keep you from standing securely knowing God is Lord. Any reason for you to think you are keeping yourself upright should be avoided.
  • Worship – Value God and ascribe worth to Him. Let your spirit be in harmony with the Spirit of God.
  • Glory – Give high honor and exaltation to God and His Son Christ Jesus.
  • Look – View the surpassing value of experiencing Christ Jesus, keep His worth and value always before your eyes.
  • Receive – Take for yourself a right standing before God through your confidence in the Christ Jesus’ finished work on your behalf.

It is when you are “still” and “know” that you will be able to stand firm. When your heart, soul, mind, and strength are used to experience God, you are “still” and “know” God.

Despite the turbulent times you are experiencing right now and the storms that are blowing all around, you can stand secure today with a personal experience of God in your every moment.

Spend the next 6 minutes to stand still and know. Use a timer to help you stay focused. Spend one minute doing each of the following “standing” exercises:

  • Rejoice – Focus on the Grace of God.
  • Watch – Ask God to show you any way you are not depending on Him.
  • Worship – Express God’s worth in word or song.
  • Glory – Praise God for who He is.
  • Look – Count up the great value you’ve been given in Christ Jesus.
  • Receive – Be confidently secure in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection making your acceptable in God’s presence.

Stand secure knowing that God is in charge of every tumult you experience. You are not responsible for the troublesome times, but you are responsible to “be still and know” that God is in charge. Practice these 6 things to experience God today in a still and stable way.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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