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God’s Remedy for Loss of Strength

How are you feeling today? Do you feel weak, tired, powerless, or lethargic? A report from the New York post from 2020 says “More than 60% of Americans rarely feel rested and energized in the morning.” A year later in 2021, USA TODAY reports “This is America: We’re all (still) tired.” The solution suggested for being unenergized and tired was to rest and take a break.

If you feel tried or without strength today, you are in the company of the majority of Americans. You have experienced a lot of “out of the norm” over the last 20 months. The feelings you feel are “normal” for the world. The remedy the world prescribes for loss of strength is different than the remedy God prescribes for the same condition.

In Amos 5, God sent a prophet to His people with the message “repent or perish”. God had given prosperity to His people. They had been drawn away from God by their own desires for more prosperity. Because of their “doing their own thing”, they were moving away from God.

God treated their condition with “loss”. He caused a city that went forth 1000 strong to lose to only have 100 left. The judgment of God provided for a city who had 100 strong to only have 10 remaining. In other words, God took away 90% of their strength.

Do you feel week, tired, lethargic, or powerless? Is God trying to get your attention as He was in the days of Amos? The world’s remedy for powerlessness, tiredness, weakness, and lethargy is to take a break, rest, or go on vacation. God’s remedy is found in Amos 5:4-6 is “Seek the LORD that you may live”.

Your strength will be recovered as you seek the Lord. God told the people not to resort to other places, a change of scenery, or a new outlook. He instructed the people to SEEK THE LORD.

The lethargy you’ve been experiencing, the tiredness you’ve endured, the powerlessness you’ve encountered, and the weakness you’re going through will only have their healing as you SEEK THE LORD.

Take a few extra minutes in prayer and reading God’s Word. Seek means to “look for”. Look for the Lord. Proverbs 3:6 says to “acknowledge the Lord in all your ways and He will direct your paths.” You will gain more strength, endurance, vitality, and energy as you seek the Lord daily and look for Him in all your ways. Isaiah 40:29 promises “He gives strength to the weary, and to the one who lacks might He increases power.”

A resource you may find helpful is Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Tim Grissom. “Seeking Him is a Bible study that helps you move forward in the faith by casting your gaze upon God—the key to personal revival.” 

In this 12-week interactive study on personal revival, you’ll move step by step toward true joy in the Lord. Each week covers a critical concept or step for spiritual transformation, including:

  • Humility: coming to God on His terms
  • Repentance: the big turnaround
  • Grace: God’s provision for every need
  • Holiness: a heart like His
  • Obedience: the acid test of love
  • Forgiveness: setting your captives free
  • The Spirit-filled life: God’s power in you
    and more

Blog Article Written By: Anne Gurley

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