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6 Things Your Kids Need To Pursue To Be Successful

Raise your hand if you want your child to be successful? Do you want them to have accomplishment in their life? Are you raising your kids to be successful?

Success means different things for different people. Some families would consider their child to be successful if they earned a Doctorate Degree. Other parents would say their child reached success when they ran a marathon. The success evaluation would be met for others as they worked toward the goal of their kid tying their own shoes.

The final outcome is the culmination of success. There are 6 pursuits to be taught to your child to ensure they are successful, regardless of the final accomplishments. The right path always leads to the right result. These 6 pursuits put your child on the right path. Therefore, they ensure the right accomplishment.

In 1 Timothy 6:11, an older leader gave these 6 marks to go after in life to a young, aspiring and talented individual.

Righteousness – This is pursued as you teach your child to seek God first, going after God’s stability, victory, goodness, and accuracy.

Godliness – Help your kids to go after godliness. This involves taking life-steps in accordance with God’s instruction and direction as provided in His Word.

Faith – Without confidence in God, it is impossible to please God. Always teach your child to put their confidence in God and trust Him for the accomplishments in their life.

Love – The greatest attribute anyone can possess is love. A personal affection toward God and others is worth going after.

Patience – Anything with a good outcome requires steady persistence. Persevering despite difficulty is essential in reaching a final destination of success.

Meekness – Strength under control along with focused attention is a requirement to any good outcome. Help your child not get distracted by things that pull them away from the life of success they are pursuing.

The Bible provides God’s plan for successful living. Meditating on God’s Word all throughout the day and taking action on the instruction, rules for living, and realization of the promises prescribed promotes great success. (Joshua 1:8).

If you would like to help your child achieve great success, you can use the Joshua Bible Study – Leading Your Family to Victorious Living One Day at a Time. It has 50 sessions of practical, hands-on teaching which gives you the resources needed for your child to pursue these 6 things necessary for their guaranteed success.

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