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Are you Experiencing True Peace or Presumption?

I was just three minutes late for class. Yes, I knew I was expected to be there on time and had been warned of the consequences of being late. In my mind, I was okay because I was “helping”. I willfully didn’t get a note to explain the reason for my tardiness. I knew it would be ok. I had taken longer than I should, but it would be ok.

When I arrived late at 7th grade Science class, my teacher executed the punishment. The consequences didn’t unravel me. Boldly, I announced my mom (who worked at the same school) would get me out of the issue. I wouldn’t be participating in the repercussion of my offense because my mom would save me from it.

During class, I was not worried or without peace. I never questioned my mom’s judgment of the situation. I knew my mom would set the record straight and I would be freed.

The meeting time came. The prosecution and the defense were both provided. The verdict was rendered which left me without peace and doing the punishment.

My mom had taken the teacher’s side. She told me the boldness I had toward my teacher was unwarranted. I had denied him of his authority. She went on explaining I was in the wrong, and the punishment demanded would be performed.

I was devastated . . . but I’ve never forgotten.

How many of us go through life with unwarranted boldness in the decisions we make? When we are nudged to do different, instructed of the better way, or inwardly know what we are doing is wrong; do we keep going boldly on unmoved?

The basis for our continued error is because we think God will not make us suffer the punishment for our sin. We are not sorry for our sin. We do not think we’ve really done anything wrong . . .or if what we did is wrong, it was just a little something.

When we continue on in pride, uncleanness, and earthly-mindedness; we limit God’s inner peace resting in us. We may have the peace of our own making. The thoughts of our mind and our reasoning may justify our attitude; but it is not the peace of God. God will not give peace when we are walking contrary to His will.

Search your heart today. Ask yourself if the peace you experience in life, is it the true peace of God or is it presumption? Are you peaceful in yourself because of your unwarranted boldness in your words, attitudes, and actions of life? If you are not sure, pray and ask God to show you. Do not stop praying about it until you have a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.Psalm 139:23-24

The answer will come through sincere repentance and a strong spirit of prayer. I encourage you today to begin asking God if your peace is true peace from Him or presumption of how you think He will judge you.

William Gurnall wrote on this topic and these are some things he had to say:

“It is impossible for the Christian who is careless in his walk, infrequent or negligent in his communion with God, to enjoy true peace and comfort very long.”

“As you humbly return to God, He is ready to restore to you the joy of His salvation and exact justice upon the enemies of your soul by His mortifying grace.”

If it is true peace you are experiencing, it will stand the “test” of proving required to be confident.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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