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The song, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” is a loved classic among followers of God. What exactly is God’s faithfulness? Why is it so great?

Take the time to look up the lyrics of this song. Whether you are familiar with the song or not, reading hymn lyrics enlarges your understanding and captures your attention toward God.

Loyalty is another way to explain the faithfulness of God. He is a companion who never gives up, a caregiver, and our provider. God is steadfast and unchanging in His trustworthiness. He stays close by us through hard times and good times.

The greatness of God’s faithfulness can be expressed in many ways. God has a huge store of greatness. He is great in mercy and compassion. He has a huge ability to suffer a long time on behalf of someone else. He can take a lot of “junk” and does not abandon them.

Psalm 89 tells us so beautifully of God’s faithfulness through displays in nature. The sun and moon are used as a daily visual reminder of God’s faithfulness. Take some time to meditate on Psalm 89. Experience how the faithfulness of God will remain as sure, steady, and expected as the sun rising in the morning and the display of the moon at night.

Probably the most cheering news of God’s faithfulness is the presence of God that will never leave or forsake. Deuteronomy 31:6 are God’s direct words through Moses that God would never leave or forsake Joshua. The verse is rehearsed again in the New Testament, in Hebrews 13:5, encouraging the follower of Christ. The words are meant to spur the follower of God on to confidence in God because God is loyal to them to never leave or forsake them.

We could not leave the subject of faithfulness without mentioning Isaiah 41:10. We are instructed in this text to be strong and of good courage. God is with us, never leaving us, and not only that, but He is holding us up by His hand that gets things done. He is working on our behalf.

This brings us to a final Scripture for instruction about God’s faithfulness in the life of a believer. It is God who works in us both to want to do and to do what is pleasing in His eyes. Philippians 2:13 conveys this quality of the faithfulness of God.

Think back over Joshua 15. This chapter is a culmination of what God has been doing in the life of His people for over 40 years. God has been working to give them this land. It is in this chapter we see God distributing to them what He has had for them for a long time. God is faithful to do what He has promised.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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