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10 Ways To Help Your Child Thrive

Proverbs 4 provides five things for parents to do and five things for children to do to make life pleasant peaceable, and prosperous.

Solomon, the king known for his wealth and wisdom wrote Proverbs 4. His father was King David, the man after God’s own heart. From David, Solomon learned many things. In this Proverb, he recalls how his father instructed him and expected him to get it. Solomon was teachable and motivated to be successful.

As parents we want our children to be successful. We want them to thrive. Our desire is for them to be healthy, stable, beautiful, and wise.

As parents, we achieve an outcome of pleasantness and prosperity for our children by doing the following 5 things:

  1. Instruct our children – furnish them with knowledge in a systematic and directive way.
  2. Provide our children with good teaching – explain and develop concepts and ideas.
  3. Encourage our children to “get it” – take their hand and make them clutch on to the truth.
  4. Cheer our children on to thrive – build our children up with confidence to make right decisions.
  5. Warn our children against danger – inform and caution them what bad decisions and practices bring.

When a child does the following 5 things, they attain for themselves an outcome of successful living:

  1. Listen to parents – hearing for the purpose of obeying and doing what is spoken.
  2. Pay attention to parent – with a focused view on observing all the parents instruct.
  3. Comply with the teaching – genuinely acting in wholehearted accord with the teaching.
  4. Act out the commands – “just do it” with a desire to please and receive blessing.
  5. Cautiously move forward – consider reverently and honorable all options and choose the most beneficial.

When these 10 things are carried out in the life of parent and child, the outcome cannot help but be bright and beautiful. Think about how much strife would be prevented if parents instructed in wisdom and children received the instruction, following it with all their might, for their benefit.

Proverbs 4 mentions some 10 benefits of living according to Proverbs 4. They are as follows:

  • Understanding
  • Long life
  • Protection
  • Honor
  • Wisdom
  • Beauty
  • Stability
  • Firm places to walk
  • Brightness
  • Health

Take a moment and read through Proverbs 4. Encourage your children to read through it with you. Decide how you and your children can implement these 10 things in your life and the life of your family. Post the benefits of participating wholeheartedly in these “things”. Then discuss regularly the value your children would gain by following the king known for his wisdom and wealth.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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