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 Rahab’s faith is the cause of her salvation.  Hebrews 11:31 says she was not destroyed because she welcomed the spies by faith.  Faith is a confidence in God.  It is an assurance of what God has said, He will do. 

Faith comes because of hearing God’s word and believing it. (Romans 10:17) Forty years earlier, the Children of Israel crossed over the Red Sea on dry ground. 

Rahab had heard how God had spared the Children of Israel and drowned all the Egyptians.  We are not aware of Rahab’s age at the time of the Red Sea Event or at the time of the Jericho Event.  We are only told what she did to make a living.  There is no mention she had any husband or children.  Her mother, father, and brothers were mentioned as being in her house and being rescued. 

 She may have been old enough when the Red Sea Event occurred to have heard the reports first-hand.  However, she may have heard others tell the stories of what happened “years before”.  Either way, she heard and believed

The faith of Rahab pleased God.  She was confident in God for many reasons.  She had not only heard of the Red Sea Event, she had also heard how God had utterly destroyed several kings and their kingdoms.  Because of what she had heard, she believed God was The God of Heaven and earth.   Hebrews 11:6 says anyone who comes to God must believe that He is God and He gives back to anyone who looks to find Him. 

Rahab acted by faith when the spies came.  She knew God would destroy the city of Jericho and she wanted to be spared.  She had confidence in God being the God of Heaven and earth.  She was assured whatever God decided would be done. She knew God rewarded and took care of those who followed Him.  She had heard God destroyed those who fought against God and His people.  Rahab wanted to be on God’s side, not against Him.

Because of Rahab’s faith, she was not destroyed.  Her family and all that were in her house were not destroyed.  She had shared her faith.  She had spoken of her confidence in God.  She had proclaimed to those in her company, “GOD IS THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.”  She had spoken many times, rehearsing God’s rescue of the Children of Israel and His destruction of the Egyptians.  She had told how the great and mighty kings of Sihon and Og had been overthrown by a group of people fleeing Egypt.  She knew only God could create these wins.  She wanted to be part of the winning team. 

Faith, confidence in God,
made Rahab part of the winning team. 
Rahab’s faith saved her.

Written By: Anne Gurley

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