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As I Was With Moses . . .

How had God been with Moses? Psalm 103 says “He made known his ways to Moses”. God had made known His ways unto Moses. God had told Moses the way to go, what to do, and how to accomplish His will.

“As I was with Moses . . . ” That is how God rallied Joshua. The Book of Joshua begins, “Now after the death of Moses”. Joshua had experienced a great loss. His leader, the people’s leader, the one that had been their guide for 40 years was gone.

Joshua grieved, but in his grief, God came to Him and said “As I was with Moses . . .” In the same way God had been with Moses, God would be with Joshua. Joshua need not fear “any man” because God was with him.

Moses had not feared man, but walked in the way of the Lord. God had made known His way to Moses. God would make known His way to Joshua.

It was because of God’s faithfulness to Moses, Joshua would be assured of God’s faithfulness to him. God promised the following to Joshua:

  • I will be with you.
  • I will not fail you.
  • I will not forsake you.

Not only did God promise to be with Joshua, God promised to not disappoint him and not to neglect him. Because of God’s willingness to be with Joshua “As I was with Moses . . .”, Joshua would have confidence to follow the instruction of the Lord:

  • Be strong (confident).
  • Be of good courage.

God had secured a victorious outcome for Joshua and the people of God. Joshua had seen all the ways God had been with Moses. So when God told Joshua “As I was with Moses . . .”, those words meant something to Joshua.

What do God’s words mean to you? When you hear that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; do you hear God say to you “As I was with Moses . . .”?

Listen a little closer. God who cannot change is with you just as He was with Moses. He wants to make you know His ways just as He made Moses to know His ways.

The Words of God to Joshua were the same Words God had spoken to Moses years before. The words, “be strong and of good courage” were first spoken to Moses. Then they were spoken to Joshua.

We can hear those same words of God to us. We can hear God say to us “As I was with Moses . . .” Then we keep listening and hear God tell us the following:

  • I will be with you.
  • I will not fail you. (disappoint)
  • I will not forsake you. (neglect)


  • Be strong (confident).
  • Be of good courage.

God says to you today, “As I was with Moses . . .”!

Written By: Anne Gurley

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