Transformational Truths


Our thanksgiving should be directed to God who is the giver of every gift.

We recognize anything we have is better than we deserve. As we have a spirit of thankfulness, we are very aware our thanksgiving should be directed toward God.

God is the Source that has supplied everything for which we are thankful.

As we say our specific list of things for which we are thankful, let us speak those gifts with an acknowledgment we are in God’s presence. He is the supplier of all the wonderful works we have experienced. We even thank God for the good we find arise from the distress we’ve experienced. We know God’s hand has supplied our comfort.

An attitude of thankfulness to God points to His greatness, His goodness, & His glory.

The Lord has richly supplied for us and we give Him thanks.

Our heart overflows in words of thankfulness to God.

We magnify the Lord when we are thankful.

As this Thanksgiving Day comes to an end, let not the spirit of thanksgiving ever end. Revelation 7:12 says we will give thanksgiving to God forever. Let us keep practicing the spirit of thanksgiving so we’ll be ready for forever.

Sing a song of thanksgiving to God.

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