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What Will Your Thanksgiving Look Like This Year?

Most families will celebrate Thanksgiving in a new, distanced way.  The traditional throng of relatives and friends will be replaced with single household gatherings.  The norm of Thanksgiving has been replaced.

The looks of Thanksgiving have varied over time.  The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621.  The sights and sounds of that first Thanksgiving hold significant difference to those we have seen and heard in the last few years.  The past 400 years have seen inside events replacing outside feasts.  Paper products have replaced fine china.  Football replaced three-legged sack races for after lunch entertainment. 

Think about your lifetime, how has Thanksgiving looked different for you?  A certain person who always cut the turkey, no longer held that honor.  The aunt who always baked the pumpkin pies no longer attended the event.  The high chair that always had a child in it is now in the attic for there are no longer little ones to fill the seat. 

The look of Thanksgiving has changed through the years but the cause of Thanksgiving never changes.  The reason the Pilgrims, 400 years ago, paused for Thanksgiving is the same reason we interrupt our week’s routine at the end of November.  The sight of our normal Thanksgiving celebrations will likely be swapped out this year for a smaller, different version.  The looks of our alternative Thanksgiving are apparent but the reason we celebrate has not deviated in the last 400 years.  The Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving for three reasons: 

  • The Lord had brought them through a troublesome year.
  • The Lord had given them a great Harvest.
  • The Lord had shown His goodness and they were “far from want”.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, celebrate the reason not the look Remember the reasoning for the Pilgrims starting Thanksgiving 400 years ago.   Situate yourself in that reasoning this year.  Let your Thanksgiving resonate like this in 2020.

  • Thankful the Lord has brought you through a troublesome year.
  • Thankful the Lord has given you a great harvest.
  • Thankful the Lord has shown you His goodness and that you are “far from want”.

It doesn’t matter what your Thanksgiving looks like.  What matters is the reason for your Thanksgiving.


Written By: Anne Gurley

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