November 18, 2020 – Wednesday Word

To set the mind on the Spirit is
life and peace. Romans 8:6
Life and Peace Ministries is committed to helping you think spiritually which will yield to you life and peace.  We have included resources designed just for you. 

Resource One
One recent Google search for “how to be amazing”
resulted in over 14 Trillion hits. There is no doubt, the
words marvelous, incredible, and stunning are in the
list of adjectives most people would like used
as a descriptor in their bio and comment feed. . . .read more

Resource Two

Resource Three

Devotion:  August Grace AUGUST GRACE There’s rare occasion where the believer’s heart is not inspired when singing Newton’s beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace”.  The words of the song bring back the wondrous moment when God called us to be His very own.  That very moment in time was stunningly unexpected.  The grace which presented itself to us at the… Continue reading

Christians ought to be the most grateful people because we have the most to be grateful for . . . and the ultimate object of our gratitude is God.
~Mary Kassian
Listen to author, Mary Kassian, on Revive Our Hearts

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